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Driving value

from your data

Improving business performance by using data and data analytics is a proven business strategy.

Many organisations risk missing out as combining technical expertise, data skills and management know-how is a significant challenge.


Inavation are passionate about unlocking this opportunity and helping organisation grow sales and grow margin through use of data.

We have developed theAIventure platform to automate data analytics and deliver the tools that improve business performance.


The platform allows our customers to grow sales and grow margin without struggling with technology, data management or complex integration.



Will theAIventure platform work for you? 

Ask yourself these simple questions...

Are you against making better decisions from your own operational data?

Have you given up on using your own data to grow sales and grow margin?

What do you need for all your team to consistently make better decisions?

Is the competition accessing algorithms, machine learning and AI?

Is it a bad idea to use experts in technology to allow you to focus on running the business ?


If we could pin-point the opportunities in your business could you land them?

If the answers have you thinking your business deserves better then you will benefit from theAIventure platform.

Drop us a line and find out more


Data analytics and machine learning at your fingertips

The AIventure platform delivers key features that allow you to realize the business value in key areas.

Digital Business

AIventure removes the technology and data complexity of running a digital business. Letting you focus on driving business value.

Improved Sales

By helping you focus on the right customers, deliver sales efficiently and price effectively, AIventure can help you grow sales by up to 30%.

Improved Margin

A consistent view of purchasing will identify areas where you can buy smarter at a better cost and also build stronger relationship with key suppliers.

Consistent Decisions

AIventure removes the technology and data complexity of running a digital business. Letting you focus on driving business value.


Data analytics and machine learning at your fingertips

Using analytics and machine learning to grow sales and grow margin

Grow Sales

Unlock faster growth than your competitors by using  theAIventure to identify your most valuable customers; price intelligently; predict which customers will churn; giving you the insight to grow sales.

Consistent Decisions

Share, monitor and manage the strategic KPIs that keep your business focused and aligned to your strategy and business plan.

Digital Business

Focus on driving business value by letting theAIventure manage technology complexity and data integration.

Grow Margin

Let theAIventure identify where you can buy smarter at a better price and build stronger relationships with key suppliers, driving down costs to grow margin.

Continuous Improvement

Understand the connections across operational performance with easy to use KPIs and metrics.

Predictive analytics interprets metrics and highlights potential KPI failures, before they hit your bottom line.


theAIventure Platform

Delivered as a service

There is no coding or technology management effort required from you. we do that.

You can focus on making the best decisions for your business to grow sales and grow margin

Pre-built analytics

theAIventure is programmed with analytic and machine learning algorithms that pinpoint insights tailored to your business.

You use these insights to action growth across sales and profit.

Rapid Results

We call this insight driven decision making ‘Deployment’ and it is key to improving business performance. theAIventure focuses you on the actions that grow sales and grow margin. 

We're all on the digital journey

theAIventure platform has been developed by Inavation and brings together all our digital, analytics and AI experience.

Here at Inavation we have taken our clients on the data driven digital journey since 2003. We know what works and what doesn't work. We have developed data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for both large global and smaller local companies.

Our passion is to simplify and automate data management and analytics to produce reusable insight. This allows you to focus on making business decisions based on the insights from your own data.


theAIventure has been developed by Inavation and brings together our know-how of digital, analytics, AI and machine learning.

Our goal is for you to grow sales and grow margin using our sophisticated business analytics and machine learning components in a cost effective, low risk, easy to use platform.


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